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Hunting Season is not over. Just because the Whitetail season has wound down ... Full Article.


There is more to a set of binoculars than just the cost. If you ... Full Article.


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Hunting season is NOT over!!
Ok, the snow is flying and the rifle season for America's #1 Whitetail is over, but there are always more ways to get away from it all and enjoy the chase.

Oklahoma bow season rolls into January and the requirement to get a license is ... valid ID and hunters safety certificate. No draws 10 months before, no quota systems (our quota is 7 whitetails per year) and you can buy your license at Walmart the night before you hunt. Get the bow out and come join us!

Now, if you don't tow a bow, then how about shouldering up that deer rifle and chasing some hogs through the brush. These things are fast, mean and can really throw you for more twists than a bull. This season is open year round and has less rules of engagement than any other hunting sport has - choose you weapon and lets have fun!

Right after you get done chasing hogs around, Spring turkey season kicks off and gets you all the training required for deer season. You need stealth, lots of camo and calling a turkey into place is more fun than really should be allowed.

After the turkey season is time for some more hog hunting and with the weather now being summer with leaves on all the trees the hunt gets a bit harder. If you ever wanted to test your skills, this is the time to do it!

IF you survive the summer hog hunts, then it's time to step into quail and fall turkey and lets not forget to throw some waterfowl in there too as well as the toughest hunt in America (bow season for Whitetails). Our bow season starts Sept 1 - yes, that's 5 straight months of whitetail hunting folks!! 

So now you can clearly see, just because our beloved Whitetail rifle season has ended it does not mean we can now take care of the longest hunny do list in history, we can ignore it and let it set an even tougher record to break! Just tell the Mrs. that setting a new world record is close at hand and very important to you and get out the door with a weapon in hand!

Born to Hunt - Forced to work :(

Network Larry

Iconic Passion and Exceptional Savvy!

Just look at all my pictures and you will see that iconic Yellow stripe of Leopold. The workmanship, lifetime warranty, ingenuity and accuracy Leopold delivers is second to none. All this and a true American company supporting our military and producing a product that a working man can afford has won me over.

I have beat these scopes up one side and down the other (hog hunting can get adventurous) and it just keeps hitting the bullseye. Come to the ranch and give one a try or hit the real knowledge up at their website - you will not be disappointed!

Paul Odom


Not all vision is created equal!
As the proud owner of more than 6 sets of binoculars and a new scope for each of my rifles each year, I can tell you straight up that I have missed seeing more things than I have seen in 25 years of hunting.

Look through a set of Swarovski glass and your eyes will blink 10 times in disbelief.  What you will see is what has been unseen till now. The clarity is crazy good, and the definition and depth you see simply seems unreal. 

Whether you are trying to spot that rare bird in the thickest of tree fodder, or trying to get the cross hairs on the exact spot of the largest prey you have ever seen, having some Swarovski glass in your hands will make it all happen!

I'd like to say i can write as good as others, but the team at Swarovski does a much better job than I with their product, go visit their web site now and "See the Unseen" - they said it but I tell you straight up, it is reality!






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