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Hunting Season is not over. Just because the Whitetail season has wound down ... Full Article.


There is more to a set of bonoculars than just the cost. If you ... Full Article.


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Available Hunts

We have a great Whitetail population. The Oklahoma season is one of the longest and open to the public in the Nation.  Come and try out our whitetails we guarantee you a trip you will remember for a lifetime!
Pic 1 Both Sprint and fall Turkey seasons are held in Oklahoma nad the number of turkeys at NCR is only rivaled by the number of trees.
Hogs are some of the most fun one can have year round. They get big and sometimes mean so if you are looking for an adrenelan hunt with great rewards, come get some bacon!
We have beautiful ponds and expanse rivers which host many types of fish as well as host some of the best waterfoul oportunities around. Come cast a line or swing some shotguns after various ducks and geese.

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