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In 1997, folks started to notice the efforts we were making to make our land wildlife friendly while still utilizing it for the normal uses of the time. This was not a normal practice in 1997 but more a future thinking idea to create a productive ranch with future sport wildlife inhabitation as well.
In 1998 we were prestigiously nominated to the Oklahoma Land owner of the Year.  This was quite an honor to be nominated for considering the changes in concept and handling of land resources in Oklahoma - not to mention there is allot of land in Oklahoma to be compared against :)
In 2000 - POOF, we took that prestigious award home to the mantel!! This is quite an honor to have been given and at the same time deserved. We work diligently to ensure our land is the best of the best for our wildlife as well as ourselves and would love for you to come enjoy our hard work results :)
OK, so the writers at the paper can write better than us, but hey, they get paid for it :)

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