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Hunting Season is not over. Just because the Whitetail season has wound down ... Full Article.


There is more to a set of bonoculars than just the cost. If you ... Full Article.


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Recent Hunts

It was the 2nd Sunday of deer gun season.  ... My heart was pumping and I knew it was a shooter but I spent a few minutes looking at the spread, base diameter and counting points... Click here to read the full article.
I waited 15 plus years to pull the trigger on a turkey.  I decided if I could not get a real trophy I would not compromise on anything less.  ... Click here for full article.
The photo that Paul then snapped will forever be special, but can in no way convey the strength of the loving bond shared between Alysse and I at that instant. Click here for the full story of Alysse's adventure - it is well worth the time :)
Russ Horten with a beautiful 10 point Oklahoma Whitetail.  We have a great population of whitetails and various types of stands and locations to always keep you entertained.
As mush of a pain as hogs are ... they sure are fun to hunt!!!
Pic 1 OK, Debra (The Luckiest Woman on Earth) didn't shoot this beautiful Mule Deer at NCR but I just couldn't help but put the picture and story up. She jammed her gun twice, was sitting with no front cover and was still able to get this monster as her first ever deer at 50 yards!!
This one could be yours this year!

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