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Hunting Season is not over. Just because the Whitetail season has wound down ... Full Article.


There is more to a set of binoculars than just the cost. If you ... Full Article.


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Welcome to Niles Canyon Ranch. This is our Ranch and the services we offer..
The beauty of the ranch can only be taken in full in person, but here are a few pictures to get your started..
Take a look at past trophies and imagine one of these on your pride wall :) ...
Don't take our word for it, check here to see how this and other wildlife communities have seen our ranch. It is clearly worth the the time and please don't mind our bragging :)

     Let's go hunting! Call: Paul or David Odom at +405-691-8797

     Or ask for our guides to get to the REAL skill: Loyd Trantham or Rickey Pipkin

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